I Ain't Gonna Be a King

by Nomik

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The album inspiration has come from the artist’s personal experiences, real or imagined, where he embraces and observes the everyday labyrinth of the female body, mind and soul. Each piece of music on this album is its own unique story of a girl. Each girl or muse, has a story to tell and even more to leave to our imagination. Ten women. Ten female chapters. Characters that might be familiar to you, women you know, will meet or never will encounters. Characters we will only read about or hear about thought out the course of our life time.

Listening to the album some may recognise in some of the pieces a friend or a lover, a description of a stranger but also, probably, to see a reflection of yourself. Some could possibly dream of a lost or unrequited love, reminisce about a girl who passed through their lives, a love at first sight that still lives on..

The album refers to the human understanding of love and life itself. The artist expresses in his way how a woman loves and is loved, how according to her moods she can or cannot be accessible, how she sometimes can be a distant unreachable dream, that can easily be converted into a chimera, a blessing or a utopia. 10 real stories, expressed with all the literal elements of real and fictional aspects of the female personality and existence, which reflect thousands of hidden stories out there, and luckily there are countless types of women.

The result is simply intoxicating. Highly introspective, often melancholic, with moments of great inspiration and always melodic "I Ain ' t Gonna Be A King" is a composition of classic jazz, instrumental and electronic rock, retro Greek using sounds from the decades of the 50s, 60s and 70s as well as of today. Piano, violins, accordion, percussion, bass, guitar and many other aspects mixed beautifully to give a very special effect in this stunning arrangement. Some could say the album is a therapeutic experience that ends in a number of realisations, many life lessons and in the end the ever growing concept of the artist’s vision on innocence, mind, body, sexuality, ugliness.. Expressing the details of the summer, the mist, time, and life itself into a wonderful conceptive album with lyrics simple and sweet in this unique creation.
10 creations inspired by Them and above all dedicated to Them.


released March 3, 2017

All Songs, Written, Arranged and Produced by Nomik.
All Lyrics by Nomik.
Record Label : Enter Events
Recording & Mixing by Yiannis Lampropoulos at Kyriazis Studios.
Mastering by Thanos Kaleas at Kyriazis Studios.
Booklet Photo by Tzo Raptoudi
Artwork design by Lambrini Nanou & Manolis Fasoulas
Digital Distribution by Dionysis Tsonopoulos
Communication by Aggelos Papapetridis

Piano : Lia Hide
Guitars : Fotis Karaoglanis
Keybords : Antonis Vellios
Drums : George Rados
Bass : Michalis Semertzoglou
Violin : Michalis Vrettas
Mandolin : Tasos Papastamou
Accordion (Track 7 & 9 ) : Dora Thanopoulou
Accordion (Track 3) : Theofilos Mathaiou
Additional Keyboards (Track 7) : Pimis Petrou
Additional Keyboards (Track 5) : George Theodoropoulos

Special Thanks to : Konstantinos Vita, Ploutarchos Vergis, Pavlos Pavlidis, Kos Pap,Efi,Px Harris,Vaggelis Kyriazis and my family.

℗© 2017 Nomik Under Exclusive License to Enter Events



all rights reserved


Nomik Thessaloniki, Greece

Nomik is the frontman of the great Greek psych rock band Sleepin Pillow and former frontman of Universal Trilogy.
With “I Ain ' t Gonna Be a King” Nomik opens a new important chapter in his life and career with this solo creation, with ambitious dreams to follow in the near future.
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Track Name: Magdalene
Is Magdalene alive
Will she follow me tonight
I am going to the fields
Where the olive meets the oil
Is Magdalene there waiting for me
Will she hold my hand
Is magdalene still mine
Will she resque me tonight
Will she taste my bitter tears
For the godless human race
Where is magdalene tonight
Oh she s teaching love to men
Then she s trying to survive
From the furious mind eat crowd
A pair of lips just for once to be kissed
I wish i was a strange fruit bitten by you
Are you finally coming there
Do i finally win on the other side of life
I'm flesh and blood now
I'm the son of that god that s never been found
And i pray for the mic and poor
My heart sinks to the sea i don't want to go there
Track Name: Me Tarzan you Jane
Me Tarzan you Jane
Me boy and you girl in timing
Me Tarzan you Jane
Me stop and you play in timing
in timing..
She's a virgin I'm her son
Solar wings i'm flying
Maybe i'm the chosen one
Might die i'm already gone
In timing..
Me Tarzan you Jane
Me gone and you stay it's fine
Me Tarzan you Jane
Me wrong and you say it's fine
Track Name: The Girl with the real hair
Heaven is something i cherish you for
Cause I'm here and you open the door
Freedom is something i just realised
It is you on a pink green balloon
You are the girl with the real hair
With the glory of light in your head
And the sun and the moon by the end of june
Gonna stand on your left and your right
Freedom is something i recently found
I can walk with your feet on the ground
Heaven is there and you hold my hand
On a cake where no one is fake
Track Name: She looks like a boy
She looks like a boy to me
And i'm her favourite game and she's my favourite toy
She can make the flowers grow when the rain falls
Holy shit she knows what i need
She knows exactly what to do to keep me feet
She's saying something
She's talking to the stars
And then she sounds like a boy to me
And yeah she's got her hots for me
My mother goes oh my oh me
She's the ugliest girl i've ever seen
She may look like a boy to you
But i'm her favourite shower gel she's my shampoo
Omg she's a colour unseen on the rainbow
Holy fuck she knows how to suck
She knows exactly what to do to scratch my back
She's saying something
She's talking to the stars
And she may never wear a beauty crown in her life
But she's on the rainbow
And everytime i touch her soul i feel divine
Cause i'm in the brainstorm of love
Yes she's mine
Though she s ugly
I don't mind
Track Name: She's dancing in the dark
She's full of light she s dancing in the dark
She's underwater dancing with a shark
My heart s beating faster
My feet are searching for the ground
My mind's running wilder
Everytime she turns around
She's on the phone she s talking to the stars
She's on the sofa talking to the gods
She's on the cover of a magazine
She's here and there and i am in between
Track Name: Smurfita
My smurfita's fine in pink she's in
A kindergarden smile
Then she's sixteen you know what i mean she is
A famous dildo queen
My smurfita's fine in white satin
I bet she's counting men
Multiplying her orgasms every night
I'll love her till i die
Her lovely tiny dress
Dare to say if jesus was a girl
I think he'd look like her
My smurfita shines in glitter sun
I hope she's having fun
Like a fairy on an endless flight
I 'll love her till i die
She said i 'll love you till i die
Track Name: Sister of June
The sea's just a gel of blue
The moon is a button of light
You are the sister of june
And it's still July
Silence in my homeless mind
No words from my tongueless mouth
You left the living room
North is going south
So many miles away from home and
My heart is in a desert place
The sun's just an orange tear
The sky is a lake of stars
Winter time is near
But you're still too far
Track Name: Chrisanthy
Track Name: Biscuit
You are my toothbrush
And the morning sun on my face
I am waiting for your love
My day begins
You are my toothbrush
You are my bisquit
And a cup of tea by the sea
I'm still waiting for your love
Crunchie and sweet
You are my bisquit
You are my pillow
And a sense of red in my head
I'm still waiting for your love
I'm in my pj's
You are my pillow
Track Name: I Ain't Gonna be a King
I picture a sky of wings
And children instead of stars
Your eyes on my face i concuer space
Your love is a wonderfull place
I put on my finest clothes
I make true my wildest dreams but yet
My kingdom is near but you re not here
I ain't gonna be a king
I picked up a distant sun
And sailed to another earth
I followed the fate of the human race
But still couldn't see your face